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Oasis LecturePortal is created to fill the gap and replace the limitation of lecture content and teaching forces for today’s physical tertiary education system. As the pandemic changes our lifestyle, face to face lecture suddenly becomes non-essential and thus a new era of education revolution has begun.
How it Works
Explore the opportunity as an Educator
Oasis offers a platform that hosts a large variety of complete professional and certified academic course contents with well recorded interactive lecture video, constantly consigned by certified and qualified educators (Lecturers & Professors) around the world.
How Does Oasis Change the Education Method?
Universities subscribe to the suitable and matching course contents published and stream them to their students as on demand basis. All contents run on Oasis LecturePortal platform, enable an unlimited student study experience at anytime, anywhere.
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Broad Selection of Courses
Choose from 100,000 certified University course contents with new publication daily.
Course Quality
All educator qualifications are verified.
All courses are assessed and graded to suit Universities use.
Teach to the world
Teaching is no longer within one academia.
Your content can be used by any academia worldwide.
Expand the Career Opportunities
Educators with great contents are rewarded and recognize worldwide.
Stream & Learn anywhere
Oasis Lecture Portal is available 24/7, you can access anytime anywhere without limit.
Borderless engagement of educator
Worldwide educators' quality lecture contents are available for subscription.
Where is education heading in the future?
28 Feb 2021
The Future of Learning Post COVID-19
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How Smaller Pieces Content Improves Retention?
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28 April 2021
How Does Technology Impact Education?
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28 May 2021
The Rise of Digitalization in the Education Sector
The advancement in technology has brought about significant development in the world of education. It is evident that the education sector is no longer limited to face-to-face teaching and learning ... Read more
1 Dec 2021
Digital Education
Over the past decade, digitalisation transformed the society and economy with an ever deepening impact on everyday life. Digital technologies are fostering rapid development across all sectors ... Read more
1 Dec 2021
The New Landscape of Higher Education
Back when higher learning institutions first started experimenting with online learning and teaching, nobody could predict that it will one day become global. All higher learning institutions in ... Read more
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